CityStory by Otherworld

Otherworld Collective is proud to announce it’s next exciting initiative. Imagine experiencing the city you live in a new way. Imagine taking a personal audio journey in which you are in control of how the story unfolds. In a new Augmented Reality audio experience, we aim to deliver that experience. Go solo or together. Choose your story. Follow the path you determine. Find your way points. Get caught up in story. Repeat.

Welcome to CityStory by Otherworld.

Launch March 2019

Storytellers Wanted

Otherworld Collective is looking for skilled storytellers to help write the first and second stories for the CityStory project. Writers who have experience writing for performance are encouraged to reach out. We are looking for writers who are:

  • Passionate about audio storytelling
  • Skilled in telling stories that are simple in both the drama and comedic categories and are able to provide examples.
  • Able and excited to work on a team of writers to craft stories.
  • Willing and able to spend 2-4 hours a week working on CityStory.

If this seems to be you, please reach out! Compensation will be a modest stipend once a story is complete and cut of initial profits once the experience rolls out.

Please send resume and writing sample to